Information Privacy and Data Protection Policy

As part of our business we may store data related to our employees, customers, members, supporters and suppliers. Our privacy policy is as follows

  • We will not sell or pass on your details to third parties for commercial gain
  • We may use your details to enable social networking and interaction – it will usually be clear where this is the intention
  • We may use your details to send you information from ourselves or third parties about goods or services that may be of interest to you – but in doing so will not pass on your details to third parties
  • We will not use your details for any purpose where we do not believe you would willingly consent to it
  • We may use photos taken by ourselves or members/supporters for social networking, sharing and journalistic purposes. If you are a subject of a photo and wish it to be removed then please contact
  • For the purpose of this policy each of our trading names will be treated as a separate entity and use of data not transferred between trading names. For administrative purposes data will be stored on pfp-Solutions Ltd computer systems and accessible by pfp-Solutions Ltd Employees and Directors.
  • We will take appropriate and reasonable measures to protect your data.
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